Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June Edit.

Some photos taken throughout June. My iPhone now contains over 900 photos and on re viewing some of these I can see why, alot of pointless shots.
In addition I want to book a blow dye asap.


Outfit worn at the MotoGP. To step in this level of colour would horrify me this present time last year; grey, black and brushed silver were the only palettes on my mind.
Summer has just begun.


Found on a vintage bike, does it give Mulberry a run for there money?


AIM Black Suede. Cut Out.

So when I was packing up my room for our move to London I realised I had more shoes, and black varieties at that, than most small footwear boutiques... but there is defiantly still a space for these.
The cut out in them makes me want to purchase more pairs of socks to pair with them that I never wear; to then lose one of them but still keep them in my drawer because I love the glitter. Oh help me. £80