Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Macaroni Cuff.

This is one of the bracelets we got given from Tuleste Market on our internship in NYC, we love it.
My old blackberry is here too, RIP, Iphone has replaced it, very exciting, now I just need to think of ideas for cases.


Twenty8Twelve Spring/Summer 2010, had to share this; we love this style, the cross, but who's going to be brave and wear pink flowers?


We have to wait until August to experience it, and only if your in Macy's will you get a look, but Madonna and Lourdes are launching there own fashion label.
Yes were jealous that a 13 year old is launching a fashion label and were still studying fashion at university, creating alot of debt and at the age of 20 years old. We can't wait to see what they come up with though.


We want these Topshop Anarchy wedges, in the cream or the grey colour.
They would be the perfect shoe for my internship interview for Friday, at £80, there worth it right? Sienna Miller has been wearing them too, another excuse.


Sienna Miller; are we more jealous of her wardrobe or the fact she was at Glasonbury? Check all the 'best' dressed from the festival:

Topshop Fall 2010.

We've just seen the shots from the Autumn collection of Topshop, due in from late July.
Is it wrong to be excited about a cape jacket and ear muffs already?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sephora by OPI.

Okay so we fell in love with nail polish when we were in NYC, and I think we now own nearly every colour in the Sephora by OPI range, $9 a bottle, we couldn't stop buying it, especially as Sephora on Times Square is open until 12pm.. we couldn't help ourselves. 
Looks like our nails will be permantly painted this summer. The 'Only Gold For Me' Topcoat is my personal favourite, its being painted over every colour. I guess we'll be having fun from now on.

Tuleste Market. Interns.

Our internship with Tuleste Market, we panicked for ever to decide what to wear, my dress was too creased from travelling hostel to hostel so we ended up with these outfits, ofcourse they didn't match up to anyone we were working with but we tried our best. 
The day was great and we hope to go back next year in our placement year. Check out their website
We got to pick 3 items each from the collection as gifts too, we love them... shots of them coming soon.
Thank you Tuleste Market.

Urban Outfitters Printed Dress; Aldo Lace Up Heels; Forever21 Tassle Vest; Topshop Sweat Shorts; Topshop Wedges; H&M Leather Bag.

Green exists in NYC.

Photo's from Central Park and City Park, we loved the difference in scenery everywhere. 

It's hard to wear what you want in the city as the sun is so hot wherever you end up, so it was alot of shorts for us girls, and ofcourse alot of RayBan wearing. 

Lace H&M Cycling Shorts; Fashion Against Aids H&M Sandals; Topshop Playsuit; River Island Printed Dress; Topshop Denim Shirt.

Between 17th & 18th.

More shots from NYC. Were in love.

All jewelry from H&M; Silk Urban Outfitters Shirt; H&M Bag.

Shop With Your Eyes, Not Your Purse.

All Window Displays - Bergdorf Goodman & Prada

'New York is the most Fashion City in the World', we disagree, I think London gives NYC strong competition, when we were shopping, we realised, that the only stores we wanted to go into as they had good stock, (believe me we checked alot), were the stores we have on the British high street; H&M and Zara for example. A couple of exceptions, Forever21 and suprisingly Conway, a cheap household store. 
The people of NYC, expect from when we were in good neighbourhoods, were never dressed how I expected. However, in Soho and in Brooklyn, people looked great, and the thrift stores we were told about near Soho, were amazing. 

Overall there's a divide there, cheap stores or designer; which we couldn't afford, but we still loved to take photos of, so here are some window displays we loved, mostly from Bergdorf Goodman.

Back From NYC.

Grand Central Station

We have so much to write about, but with Kathryn still in America were missing alot of photos.
Didn't want to return atall, NYC is amazing, and our internship was such a good opportunity. 

I missed out on the opening of the Times Square Forever21, saved ALOT of money though I suppose.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Final Purchase.

New rings.. I know I should be waiting for Forever21 but they were too nice to leave.
Fly in the morning, too excited.
Studded H&M rings; £2.99 for the set.

Monday, 14 June 2010


New in from Topshop this week. Perfect travelling pants?... I had to cut into my spending money ofcourse.

Pants; £28.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kaya Scodelario

The Skins actress featured in July's Instyle mag.


DSquared's Spinal Tap Shoe, the spine is designed to support right?
Amazing creations, pictured with the cutwork cream leather Alaia heels above.

Packing For NYC.

What to take.. New York in 3 days.
Were both travelling separately so no helping each other what to pack. Empty suitcase and buy there.. That's the plan but its never going to happen.. do I really need four pairs of Harems?