Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shop With Your Eyes, Not Your Purse.

All Window Displays - Bergdorf Goodman & Prada

'New York is the most Fashion City in the World', we disagree, I think London gives NYC strong competition, when we were shopping, we realised, that the only stores we wanted to go into as they had good stock, (believe me we checked alot), were the stores we have on the British high street; H&M and Zara for example. A couple of exceptions, Forever21 and suprisingly Conway, a cheap household store. 
The people of NYC, expect from when we were in good neighbourhoods, were never dressed how I expected. However, in Soho and in Brooklyn, people looked great, and the thrift stores we were told about near Soho, were amazing. 

Overall there's a divide there, cheap stores or designer; which we couldn't afford, but we still loved to take photos of, so here are some window displays we loved, mostly from Bergdorf Goodman.

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