Tuesday, 20 July 2010

From Great Heights.

So I have no time to update anymore, so busy, these are more random pictures of day to day of London life. So I've found to have to shop on Oxford Street everyday isn't as great as you would think, I can never just find a superdrug and everywhere is so busy when I finish at half5 and finally get into H&M nearly the whole store is empty.
But saying that the sales are still fantastic, a pair of black high waisted suede shorts were purchased today, again from Zara, and for £14.99 its ok to buy this far ahead for winter right?
The poncho pictured above was also from Zara, I always forget to look at care labels when purchasing so its dry clean only unfortunatley.
And finally when I did my washing this week I realised I wear FAR too many white tshirts.

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