Friday, 3 December 2010


The start of winter really did arrive this week in Manchester, snow has fallen upon us, and its even reached our Topshop carriers.
Fashion has been replaced in the form of wellington boots for the majority of this week, and witnessing my first ever pair of wedged wellies was not the most delightful experience of my life... who ever even invented those?
However one thing that has managed to gain me the biggest smile ever this week is the 17p that was transferred into my halifax account for me to purchase a CARAMEL FREDDO, all the way from Canada (lack of Londis in the country is the only reason Kathryn is returning).


  1. hello miss stylewhiskey. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    i'm enjoying a nice snoop around yours! you have such a nice turn of phrase. saw your post about your dream job working at Elle. ME TOO.

    viva la freddo xx dottie

  2. ps. love the fourth photo here x